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Case Studies

Dorma Bungalow Alltwen

One of our first Tata Urban Job New Build dorma bungalow Alltwen this one had valleys, 39 degree slopes, Velux and Velux roof light balcony along with fascia’s soffits and gutters

Three Crosses

Tata urban Colourcoat some small roofs finished in Urban 7016 the one is a link between the main house and pool house then there’s a car port completely rapped in Tata Urban also a roof on a portable Pizza oven.

Aberafon House Port Talbot

We where asked by our client Hacer Project Development to see if we could come up with a modern sleek design for these pods so we came up with this secret fix plank which Keyform manufactured  from Prisma 7012 aluminium and fitted the different coloured window surround produced by R J Barrington Ltd nice job.

Westgate Hotel

This is one of our most recent jobs not a big area but a lot of cutting and measuring out to get the look required material used Euroclad Vieo HPS200 Ultra 7016 .

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